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We're a music sync licensing company and label specializing in creating and curating sounds for all visual mediums. Alongside our focus on sync opportunities, we proudly manage a roster of four artists, each bringing their distinct style and genre to the label.

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Melancholic & Rebellious


Melancholic & Reflective


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Explore our label's catalogue: every track, cover art, and piece of promotion is proudly crafted in-house.


Our Mission

4N Tribe is a music sync licensing company and label dedicated to creating and curating sounds for all visual mediums. Our expertise lies in identifying and providing sync opportunities, and we take pride in managing a roster of four diverse artists, each contributing their unique style and genre to our label. Central to our mission is the commitment to nurture emerging talent, providing them with opportunities to grow and reach their full potential, reflecting the innovative and inclusive spirit of 4N Tribe.

Our Motto

What makes us different is our commitment to empowering young creatives to explore and evolve in their respective mediums of art. We believe in lowering the entry barrier by providing opportunities, a supportive community, and a platform for them to express themselves.


Meet the heart and soul of the tribe: a lineup of artists who, at the end of the day, are all about the love of music, making our tribe truly special.


4NR, a self-taught artist and producer from Tunisia now in Boston, started his musical journey in 2011. Rooted in hip hop, he's been venturing into UK garage, indie, and neo soul over the past few years, pushing his artistic boundaries. Beyond music, his exploration of various artistic mediums underscores a commitment to broad creative exploration, defying singular classification.


North African-born beat wizard. Crafting vibes that break boundaries. From Hip-Hop to R&B to global beats. I don't just make beats - I try to curate experiences.

Moor Music

To me, music has always been a medium for self-expression and a way to connect with feelings that one cannot necessarily express in words. My goal is to act as a "music journalist" to the dancefloor.

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